M7 Traffic Diversions - 29th, 30th, 31st March

M7 Traffic Diversions - 29th, 30th, 31st March

M7 Traffic Diversions - Friday 29,Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 March: M7 Naas-Newbridge By-Pass Upgrade Scheme

As part of the M7 Upgrade works, it is necessary to carry out a demolition operation of an existing bridge over the M7 between Junction 9 (Naas North) and Junction 10 (Naas South). This is to facilitate the construction of a new over bridge as part of the Osberstown Interchange (Junction 9a) construction.

These works will take place over the weekend of Friday 29, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31March.

In order to safely carry out these works and maintain M7 mainline traffic in both directions,  traffic will be directed around the area of works via the newly constructed off/on slips of the new interchange.

Traffic will be reduced to a single lane on Friday 29 March from 9.00pm to facilitate these temporary arrangements.
Before 6.00am on Saturday 30 March traffic will be returned to 2 available lanes running on the off/on slips.
This temporary arrangement will continue through until Sunday night, 31 March, until the demolition works are complete and the main carriageway has been cleared of all debris.
A minimum of two lanes will be maintained during peak hours of 06.00hrs to 22.00hrs at all times.
Delays are expected.

Any inconvenience caused to the public is regretted.

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