Water Outage - East Kildare areas

Water Outage - East Kildare areas

ESB Networks have notified us that there will be an electricity supply outage on Saturday 5th November. Due to this the water pumping station will be shut down from 9am to 5pm. When supply returns pressure may be low at first. Water may also be cloudy or discoloured at first but will return to normal after a couple of hours.

The following areas will be affected,


  • Morganstown
  • Bawnogue
  • Tipper Kevin
  • Slieve Rua
  • Barrettstown
  • Greenhall Upper
  • Greenhall Lower
  • Glebe West
  • Elverstown Little
  • Dowdenstown
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Original SMS Content: ESB outage, 05/11/2022 from 9am until 5pm, this will affect the water supply in your area

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