All Donegal routes to be gritted from 9PM on Tue. 18/02

All Donegal routes to be gritted from 9PM on Tue. 18/02

ALL routes will be gritted from 9PM on Tue. 18/02. Donegal gritting route index as follows:
  • 06: Inishowen West
  • 04: Inishowen South
  • 01: National Primary North
  • 02: National Primary Central
  • 03: National Primary South
  • 07: Milford South
  • 08: Milford North
  • 09: Cill Ulta East
  • 10: Cill Ulta West
  • 11: Na Rosa
  • 12: Binswilly
  • 13: Stranorlar North
  • 14: Stranorlar East
  • 15: Stranorlar West
  • 16: Donegal West
  • 17: Donegal North
  • 18: Donegal South
  • 19: Donegal National Secondary
  • 05: Inishowen East
  • BT: Buncrana Town
  • LT: Letterkenny Town

Check Donegal County Councils interactive map for gritting routes
Assume that no road is ice free. 02 2020
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Original SMS Content: ALL Routes to be gritted from 9PM on Tue. 18/02. Check map for routes: http://bit.ly/DonegalGrittingMap. Assume no road is ice free. Further details emailed

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