Decision to Close L8014-01 at Ballygemmane, Thurles

Decision to Close L8014-01 at Ballygemmane, Thurles

TEMPORARY CLOSING OF ROAD ROADS ACT, 1993-2015, (SECTION 75 OF THE ROADS ACT 1993) ROADS REGULATIONS, 1994NOTICE is hereby given that Tipperary County Council has made an Order closing: ROADS TO BE CLOSED:L8014-01 at Ballygemmane, Thurles PERIOD OF CLOSURE:08:00hrs on Tuesday 14 April 2020 to 18:00hrs on Friday 17 April 2020.ALTERNATIVE ROUTES:Traffic travelling from Thurles on the L8015-0 intending to use the L8014-01 will be diverted along the L8015-0, L8015-18, and L3650-01 onto the L8014-0.Traffic travelling along the L8014-0 from the Two Mile Borris intending to use the L8014-01 will be diverted along the L8014-0 will be directed along the L8014-0 and diverted onto the L3650-0, L8015 onto the L8015-0.Traffic Management will be in place and operatives at each end of the L8014-01 road closure to allow local access and to advise of diversions in place.REASON FOR CLOSURE:To facilitate the installation of ESB Ducting to the ESB Station.

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Original SMS Content: Decision to Close L8014-01 at Ballygemmane, Thurles from 8am on 14/04/20 to 6pm on 17/04/20, see www.tipperarycoco.ie for more info. https://bit.ly/39gpK2W

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