1. Create your free Kildare Alerts Account

You will need to create a Kildare Alerts account to start receiving alerts. Please complete the form with basic contact information so we can alert you for local alerts such as water disruptions, weather warnings, planning notices, and more.. This is a free service and you will not be charged for any text messages, emails, or app notifications that you receive.

2. Mark your preferred Home location on the map

Kildare Alerts will only send alerts that are relevant to your preferred location. You should tap over the map for your preferred home location to ensure you only receive relevant alerts. Use the Map Search tool to help find your preferred home location. When you start typing an address will appear - select this from the choices before hitting the Locate button.

3. Terms & Conditions and Data Protection Policy

In order to complete the registration process you must accept the Terms & Conditions of Kildare Alerts. You must also check a secondary box to consent to receive alerts from this service.